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The company was founded 1982 in Slovenia by Maximiljan Berglez under the name .Elektroservice.. Electromagnetic pole-face-friction clutches and .brakes have been produced. 1985 it became a family company .JMB Elektro Berglez . Pogonska tehnika (Drive Technology). directed by Janko Berglez. The own production of electromagnetic clutches and brakes etc. has started and 1986 a new 600 m2 production hall in Race near Maribor was put into operation. With 12 employees in 1989 JMB took over the representation of Stromag Drive Technology Austria for Slovenia and Croatia and in 1990 the representation for KEB Drive Technology Austria too. The transformation to JMB Commerc Ltd. . Drive Technology with the shareholders Janko and Biserka Berglez has been realized in 1992. There now have been produced elastic Periflex couplings also for Stromag Austria, Albert Machine Plant Austria and Agentur Austria (all members of the Stromag group). With most up-date equipment since 1993 electromagnetic disc brakes and clutches and since 1996 electromagnet tooth clutches up to 63.000 Nm are produced.

2001 was the beginning of manufacturing with a most modern machining center and since 2003 the production follows CE Standard. While the export in 2004 was only 30 % of the total turn over (Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Croatia, Spain) it growed up in the meantime to 70 % (Austria, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Iran, USA, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Greece), as the customer service for East and Southeast Europe and the Near East since 2005 is made by the JMB . Office Austria.



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